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Almond is an unscented body oil that sinks moisture into dry areas. This oil contains Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and fatty acids which help to seal the skin

What it is: Unscented almond base oil (prunus dulcis) distilled in Italy (60ml/2 fl.oz)

Why you need it: If your skin is drier than a desert or you're starting to resemble a crocodile, this one is for you.

Best for: Dry or flaky skin.

The results: Intense moisture that hydrates and softens skin from the cell matrix to the outer layer.

How to use: Apply one pump of this ultra-thick oil over the face before cleansing skin to remove grime and lock in moisture. Mix with 2-3 drops of essential oils for skincare. Apply to ends before washing for thick, hydrated hair.

Our method: 100% pure, non-toxic, honest ingredients - free from all synthetics and fillers. Custom filled to ensure freshness.

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This thick oil reduces dark circles under the eyes, removes impurities from the skin and scrubs dead skin cells away.

Almond is a wonder oil for dry, normal or mature skin. All skin types benefit from this ultra-hydrating oil in winter or harsh weather conditions.

Seals split ends

Retains moisture in the scalp which gives off a healthier, fuller appearance.

Stimulates hair growth

Treats dandruff

Reduces scalp inflammation

To use: Follow directions on bottle or use two pumps and knead into scalp. Use with essential oils for extra skin and hair boosters.

Almond softens and moisturizes skin. It's great for those with eczema, psoriasis and sensitive skin. Overtime it will help to moisturize and decrease the appearance of wrinkles.

Use for massage and as a bath oil as well.

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