About Us


We’re filling in the gap between men’s and women’s skincare through simple, well-crafted self-care products.

Our vegan wellness products provide natural remedies for a modern lifestyle. Our blends help sore thumbs from scrolling, aching necks from emails and restore sleep long lost to side hustles.

It’s so much more than products, we use the practice of aromochology- the science of scent and emotion, and give you the tools to create custom blends based on the emotions that you want to feel.

We’ve harnessed the practice of aromachology – which is the science between scent and emotion. We have receptors in our brains that pick up the messages in pure plant matter like essential oils, and can uplift us or relax us. You can actually alter your mood with these natural products, unlke synthetic fragrances.

Scent plays a big part in memory. When we smell certain scents they trigger vivid memories and in the same way, we can create new memories and moods tied to scent.



We believe that we don't need to be defined by our bad habits. If we're stressed or have been overindulging and it's shown up in our skin - we can always improve always get better. We believe that you should devote time to yourself and carve it out daily. Our mission is to help "train your brain" so that you can use scent as a daily practice for your wellbeing. Our team creates good products that give results. Our team proudly works in one of the greenest cities in the world, Vancouver, Canada