Hand Care 101

Hand Care 101

It's time for a little hand one-on-two

By: Raquel Van Ry

Hands are one (or two) of those things that you don’t really appreciate until you’ve jammed a finger or withstood a papercut that warrants your hand(s) unusable. We’re all so worried about the skin on our faces or how healthy our hair is, that we often don’t make time to take care of our [arguably] most important appendages. Hands are our helpers – they feed us, help us work and learn, and they even give us pleasure…what can’t our hands do with their miraculous opposable thumbs? Your hands don’t need to be perfectly manicured or pretty even, but it is your responsibility to ensure that they stay healthy. Here are some hand health remedies you can incorporate into your day.


Tech neck is a thing, but are you aware that your hands are literally adapting to holding your smart phone? While your thumb repeatedly flexes and unflexes as you scroll through your feed, your pinky is acting as your phone perch. Your thumbs might be getting a little sore but jacked, but your poor pinky’s are slowly adapting to become better perches for your smartphone and are developing a slight curve to accommodate the weight. This may seem an enthralling example of the wonder that the human body is, but this adaptation isn’t exactly a good thing. Fortunately, a hand massage can treat and prevent most serious issues from developing, so grab some lotion or oil and start rubbing your hands. Here’s a great tutorial to guide you through a self hand massage.


The forced use of hand sanitizer for COVID-19 hasn’t helped our hand health, that’s why now more than ever, moisturizing your hands is essential to prevent cracks, callouses and irritation. I was never one to use lotion, I’d moisturize my face on occasion but that was the extent of it – I’d rely solely on my body’s ability to produce enough sebum to keep the rest of the skin on my body healthy.  Unfortunately, our body can’t always keep up with how dry our environment makes our skin, and our hands can age just fast as our faces. Lucky for us, it’s possible to prevent and even reverse signs of aging by using a good quality lotion like Elevate lotion to improve the skin’s elasticity. The first ingredient in this lightly scented lotion is hempseed oil which is high in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which work to gently repair skin elasticity and seal the skin for lasting moisture, without leaving behind any oily residue.


While taking care of your hands may not seem like a practice, consistently taking care of them and repeating the above-mentioned hand care tips will form a habit if you do them enough. Who knows, you may even learn to love the feeling of hand lotion and the added grip you gain when you touch your keyboard after lathering up your fingers. Regardless, no matter how much or how little you think your hands go through, remember to always treat your hands well so they can treat you well.

Interested in learning more about DIY massages? Click here for more information.

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