Gifts for your mother figure that last all year

Gifts for your mother figure that last all year

Ah Mother’s Day is almost here.

By: Raquel Van Ry  

I couldn’t tell you the number of times my lovely mom said “I don’t need anything for Mother’s Day, I’m just happy to have you” -  only to get glared down by my mother for doing what she requested rather than reading between the lines. In recent years, I've grown wiser and have learned to come up with a cheat sheet of mother-friendly items prior to Mother’s Day so I’ll never again be caught being the world’s worst kid.

While flowers are lovely, my mom prefers gifts that last and since I figure there may be other moms out there who feel the same, here's my Mother’s Day cheat sheet! 

1. Deluxe Skin and Hair Kit

My mom switches up her self care routine pretty regularly, so this year I'm going with our Deluxe Skin and Hair Kit which is the key to earning the "favourite kid" title over my siblings this year. This kit includes two powerful moisturizing oils: jojoba oil and almond oil. The former is fantastic for balancing the skin’s oil production, leaving skin smooth and moisturized thanks to its friends Vitamin’s A and E. Almond oil shares these vitamins as well, in addition to fatty acids which helps to trap moisture, softening skin and smoothing wrinkles. Both oils make for the ultimate hair mask too, sealing hair cuticles and leaving locks shiny and healthy. The Deluxe Skin and Hair Kit also includes both grapefruit and geranium essential oils, both of which are uplifting scents that are packed with benefits for your mom’s skin and mind.

 2. Sleep Kit

What's a better gift than the gift of sleep? My mom steers clear of any unnatural sleeping aids, so I’m she'll love this 100% natural sleeping kit. Featuring the aforementioned almond oil, this kit also includes ylang ylang essential oil for presence of mind, lavender essential oil for calmness, and a lympha facial roller to top it all off. In this case, almond oil can be used as a carrier oil to which a few drops of ylang ylang or lavender essential oil can be added, then massaged into the skin to relax muscles and soothe stress.

3. Coffee or Coffee Alternative

There’s an unspoken rule in my parent’s house – don’t bother my mom 'til she’s had her morning coffee. However, when I found out she’s been struggling with sleep lately thanks to her daily overdose of caffeine, I sought out an alternative that will satisfy her morning grumpiness. blume’s Unwind Bundle, features four soothing latte blends that are vegan, caffeine free and organic. I love to gift items that have variety so there’s guaranteed to be at least one thing my mom likes (although everything blume makes is incredible so I’m not too worried).

4. New Shoes

While I may not be willing to give my mom the foot massage she desires, I can

give her a pair of super comfy and practical shoes. Vessi shoes are fully waterproof which is perfect for any outdoorsy mother. Better yet, in addition to their vast variety of shoes, they have all-black sneakers, which if your mother is anything like mine, is a win and a half! They’ll look eternally clean and match just about anything.

 All of these products can be ordered online and shipped directly to your doorstep, so no need to trek about gift shopping! While you’re at it, no one will judge you if you order a couple of these goodies for yourself! 

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