Last minute gift ideas they'll love

If you're experiencing stress with being last-minute with gift shopping, don't worry. It's been a very challenging year globally and you're forgiven for prioritizing your needs over some holiday cheer. Even if you've sworn off gift giving this year to save up, there's inevitably a pulling of the heartstrings and desire to show your loved ones that you care. So, don't put it off any longer and don't feel that you need to break the bank to impress, these lovely gifts will go a long way: 

Stocking Stuffers

stocking stuffers for Vellum Wellness


Single origin essential oils are the perfect stocking stuffer. Imagine just straight up giving someone the gift of strength or calmness, it's totally possible with these "moods in a bottle". The best part is that it's a chance to really tell someone how you feel. You can get cheeky with it. Maybe someone complains a little too much - give them some Grapefruit and it'll encourage them to practice gratitude. Check out Lavender (for calmness), Peppermint (for enthusiasm) and Tea Tree (for strength) They're small but mighty and will last a long time. 

Self Care Gifts 


It's no secret that winter wreaks havoc on our skin and minds. To combat the winter blues, try the Winter Essential oil bundle. It's four of the best winter oils (Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tree Tree) that will help channel the tough feelings that colder weather and dark nights bring, into a healthy and more positive outlook. If you live in a cold climate then the person you're buying for will surely appreciate some extra hydration. There's no better oil for dry skin than Almond. At $18, it's a great price point for a secret santa gift or for a stocking stuffer. 

Santa's Fave

Santa's Fave Vellum Gifts Dreamscape

Gifting a diffuser is a really kind way to say "I like you and I want you to be well and smell all of the nice things". If your loved one doesn't have a diffuser yet, we suggest starting them off with Carrara or Marquina, both of which include Dreamscape, the loveliest sleep blend. This blend of the best essential oils for sleep will lull them off to the dream world in no time. Dreamscape is also available individually here

Happy holidays! 


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