How to use Lemon to Focus, Fade Scars and Improve Digestion

How to use Lemon to Focus, Fade Scars and Improve Digestion

Lemon essential oil is a great natural lightening agent, this oil helps fade acne scars and stretch marks over time. 

Our lemon oil is cold expressed from the peel in Portugal. Read below to see how this versatile oil is great for appetite and digestion, pain and immune and skin+hair.


As a fruit, Lemon is alkaline by nature, helping neutralize stomach acids. Inhaling lemon oil before a meal aids digestion and heartburn. Dilute lemon oil in a base oil and massage onto your stomach to ease nausea or constipation.


Lemons are anti-bacterial and contain volatile organic compounds which aid the body in fighting off harmful bacteria. Inhaling lemon oil helps soothe a sore throat and other flu like symptoms. Lemon oil is full of limonene, a natural compound found in lemon peels. This compound is famed for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Diffusing lemon oil helps with asthma and bronchitis as limonene is known to help alleviate breathing difficulties. Find relief with lemon oil when experiencing sleep apnea and congestion.


Lemon oil is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory making it a great choice for skincare. Add a couple drops to your cleanser to remove the build up of grime and dead skin cells. The high concentration of vitamin C in lemon oil will leave your skin radiant

For Acne dilute a few drops into a base oil like jojoba to zap bacteria and control inflammation in the sebaceous glands. Lemon oil is a lightening agent and helps even out hyper-pigmentation which occurs after a pimple has healed. Applying lemon oil helps curb oily skin and speeds up healing for cuts and surface wounds.

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