The best ways to use Jojoba oil for skin and hair

The best ways to use Jojoba oil for skin and hair

This light oil mimics your skin's natural texture which is pretty cool. 

By: Raquel Van Ry

I woke up this morning, did my normal routine and successfully made it through the first half of the day, but at lunch time, my sweet but very blunt boyfriend looked at me in shock and said, “what is on your face!?”. As it turned out, my speedy morning moisturizing was not thorough enough to protect me from the dryness that the day would bring, and the entire lower half of my face was flakey and peeling. In horror, I pulled out my tote of Vellum oils and went to town on my face. When dryness is the evil, jojoba oil is the saviour. 

Jojoba oil (pronounced “ho-ho-ba” for those of you that pronounced the “j’s” as I did), is an all-natural, unscented base oil that’s technically a wax ester which acts very similar to the oil produced by our skin (i.e., sebum). Because jojoba oil is so similar to sebum, it’s perfect for all skin types and can even balance the moisture level of skin by adding or removing oil as needed. For more tips on how you can add jojoba oil to your daily skin, hair and nail routine, read on.

Skin Balancer

During the cold months, eczema, psoriasis, and skin dryness seems 10x worse, not to mention our poor cracked lips. If you struggle from any of these ailments or you’re simply seeking to prevent such tragedies, then jojoba oil is indeed your friend. It’s jam-packed with vitamins A, E and D and easily penetrates deep into your skin to soothe dry, sore skin from all angles. Jojoba oil copies your skin's natural state and balances its moisture level by removing sebum if it’s too oily or adding oil to your skin if it’s dry. To use, simply massage a small amount of oil into the affected areas, add more as needed. For additional skin care benefits, add 2-3 drops of bergamot essential oil to fight acne or grapefruit or geranium essential oil for more healing benefits and delicious smells!

Hair Care

If you’ve been experiencing frizzy, brittle hair lately then it’s best to nurture it now before it gets more damaged or breaks off. Thanks to jojoba oil’s vitamin E and fatty acid power-team, jojoba oil is an excellent hair helper. To use, you can simply spread it throughout your hair, focusing on the ends, and sleep with it in a shower cap. Alternatively, you can apply it to the ends of your hair before jumping in the shower for thicker, more hydrated hair. If you really want to give your hair a boost, try adding a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil or lavender essential oil for dandruff-fighting perks and a subtle scent.

Nails and Cuticles 

Don’t limit jojoba oil to just your skin or hair-care routine. If you have cuticles that constantly crack and peel, or fingernails that chip or break easily, then using jojoba oil to moisturize your fingers can help prevent further damage and give your fingertips a moisture boost.

Jojoba oil is a super oil and if you haven’t already tried it, it’s a super affordable product that you can add to your daily routine. For more information on how you can use jojoba oil, read this article for more information. 

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