5 ways to create your process on World Mental Health Day

5 ways to create your process on World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day October 10 2018

Today is World Mental Health Day.

Today is about looking at our own mental health as well as the mental health in our local communities, in Vancouver, in Canada and all around the world.

Our globalized society is good for many things and one of the most genuine parts of social media is its ability to connect us and help us realize that mental health issues affect us - all regardless of gender, income level, age or ethnicity.

World Mental Health Day is put on by the World Health Organization and this year they're focusing their efforts on mental health in young people. While mental health in children and teens is a top concern for adults in British Columbia and beyond, it's important for everyone to create a self-care process to ease stress and create a healthy outlet to release emotions so they're not pent up and making us feel unwell.

We believe in thinking global but acting local when it comes to mental health, and we're all about elevating above stigma. So, shop the site and use the code WMHday for 40% off your entire purchase. We'll be donating 10% of all these proceeds to the Canadian Mental Health Association for World Mental Health Day during the month of October.

World Mental Health Day is a day to look inwards, and see how you're feeling and if you need to take further steps to heal. While mental health issues like depression and anxiety won't go away with self-care alone, it's still beneficial to have a process, to boost low moods and help with feelings that bog us down and make us feel sad, anxious and alone.

Check out the 5 steps that make up our process below:

1. Eat well, live well

We know that what we eat affects our body. We don't even need to see the research, we can all just recollect on an experience where we ate something and spent some time on the toilet regretting that experience. Food is fuel and it satiates our physical bodies and the vitamins found in food fuel our minds. If you're overeating, or not eating on time, essential oils like bergamot and lemon are good for promoting appetite but curbing cravings.


2. Movement is key

It's always good to get some focused exercise in each day so your endorphins stay flowing. You can tailor your exercise day by day so it doesn't feel like a chore, as long as you get some in each night. If you feel low on energy when you get home, diffuse some geranium oil or diffuse grapefruit to feel grateful for your body. If you want to get in the mood and get your cardio in, then try essential oils for sex. The two top sex oils are patchouli essential oil which boosts libido and ylang ylang which lessens sexual inhibitions and gets you ready to explore your body.


3. Diffuse, sleep and repeat

Sleep is so important for giving your body a chance to reset. If you're not sleeping well or aren't falling asleep right away at night, chances are you're not unwinding from your day. Give your body a chance to release emotions and tension that's keeping you up at night. Try using a diffuser as part of your bedtime routine and use oils for sleep like lavender or ylang ylang to get your mind in a good place, as you get ready to enter the dream world.



4. Appreciate art

Use art as a therapeutic tool for your process. Art isn't just Vincent Van Gogh paintings hanging in a museum. Art is all around you. Seek it out and immerse yourself in it by watching a funny movie, reading a good book, listening to music, or journalling as you diffuse mandarin oil (the oil of the inner child) and write about your day. Whether it's a little relaxing or pure escapism, spend a few minutes each day to just be as you indulge your senses.


5. Get it out

Expressing yourself can feel like a daunting task, so do what comes natural to you. For some people getting it out means calling your best friend to vent about something that's bugging you. For other people, it may be seeing a counsellor and others might do it through their social media. A lot of people don't like talking to anybody about what's going on in their lives and would rather journal, paint, write, meditate or go for a walk. Whatever you're drawn to naturally is the best bet when it comes to getting it out.



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