All about Marquina - Our new diffuser

All about Marquina - Our new diffuser

Vellum Wellness Marquina

For every light there's shadow, for every day there's night, and for every Carrara there is a Marquina. If you’re torn between Carrara and Marquina, here’s a prompt for you to consider: do you want something that will brighten your day and add a splash of light to your décor, or do you want something that settles into the shadows and grounds your mind as well as your home? While both ultrasonic diffusers function the same and sport a classy marble-print square design, colour aesthetics play a role in your experience, so picture the colour scheme of your home and the space you’d want to put your diffuser in to determine which diffuser better suits your space.

Where to Use Marquina

Vellum Wellness Marquina diffuser

Marquina’s black-marble design makes it match just about any space but if it’s placed in an all-white bathroom for example, it makes for a bolder statement piece. Alternatively, if you set Marquina on your black nightstand next to a rustic wooden bed frame, it will blend in seamlessly. Popular locations for Marquina include the bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere one might want to de-stress and unwind. While its contrasting white and black marble colouring draws the eye, it compliments any space – especially those with marble or granite surfaces nearby. Essential oil diffusers like Marquina are popular additions to bathrooms and other spaces where bacteria may flourish, because essential oils possess antifungal and antimicrobial properties which prevent the growth of bacteria; when Marquina diffuses eucalyptus essential oil for example, the air is cleansed as well as the surfaces the atomized mist falls upon. Further, like Carrara, Marquina is square shaped and fits cleanly into vanity corners, shelves and against walls leaving no room for dust and grime to collect behind it.

How to Use Marquina

Vellum Wellness Marquina near plants

Ease of use was a priority when designing Marquina, hence Marquina possesses just two buttons: one for light, and one for mist. Every Vellum Wellness diffuser comes with a user manual and step-by-step instructions on how to use and maintain their diffuser. Marquina is among the easiest diffusers to use; just add water to the fill line, add 5-15 drops of your favourite essential oil(s), and press the mist button. Users can press the mist button once for on, twice for 3 hours of diffusing and thrice for up to 6 hours of diffusing. Marquina also has 8 coloured light options to choose from and users can use the light button to sift through the various colours until they reach one that matches their mood. When it comes to cleaning, the diffuser’s cover is merged with the diffuser spout unlike most other diffuser designs, making the cleaning process streamlined.

Which Oils Work With Marquina

We recommend using 100% pure and natural essential oils and blends in your diffuser. By doing so, you avoid the fillers and preservatives that are commonly found in low quality plant oils, while also improving your health and extending the diffuser’s lifespan. Popular essential oils to pair with Marquina include chamomile essential oil, Dreamscape sleep blend, and other essential oils that promote calmness. For more information on aromachology and how to select essential oils for your mood, click here. Still torn between Carrara and Marquina? Click here to read up on Marquina, or check us out on social media to see some real user experiences and real pictures of Marquina in action.

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