Depuff and contour your face naturally with this miracle Lympha facial roller

Depuff and contour your face naturally with this miracle Lympha facial roller

Meet the roller that's putting jade to shame

By: Raquel Van Ry 

In your body, you have what is called a lymphatic system which is responsible for combatting viruses and bacteria, and removing toxins. When the lymphatic system isn’t working effectively, fluid tends to collect in areas around the body which can contribute to puffiness. For example, a puffy face or swollen eyes after sleeping are telltale signs of poor lymphatic drainage. While the simple action of making facial expressions throughout your day contributes to lymphatic drainage, it’s often not enough to prevent fluid buildup. Luckily the lymphatic system can be activated manually through the use of facial tools likes Vellum’s new gold coloured Lympha facial roller, which speeds up the process of lymphatic drainage to flush out toxins, prevent fluid buildup, and ultimately, prevent puffiness and inflammation.

What the Lympha roller is:

The Lympha facial roller is a facial tool that is made of high quality stainless steel, with round metal heads that rotate during use. The main purpose of Lympha is to stimulate the lymphatic system to manually speed up the drainage process which eliminate excess fluid buildup in the face and neck. Lympha sets itself apart from other rollers, like jade rollers because it features a mini heat-conducive panel which means the heat from your fingers is transferred into the rollers which creates a suction effect that helps grip the skin as you roll through your face and neck. The Lympha roller promotes increased blood circulation which maximizes the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your skin for overall healthier skin.


In addition to turning any skincare routine into a relaxing and luxurious experience, the Lympha roller effectively smooths away puffiness and inflammation while relieving tension in the face and neck muscles. Through consistent use, the Lympha roller will prevent fine lines and wrinkles, fluid build-up and acne, and leave the skin looking radiant and toned. Further, while we can work out our arm and leg muscles, it’s much more challenging to isolate and activate our facial muscles. That’s why Vellum designed our newest roller to create suction on your skin in order to manually engage your facial muscles, thereby eliminating excess fluid buildup.

How to use it:

Prior to using Lympha, it’s important to understand how the lymphatic drainage process works. Your lymph nodes are located by your ears, beneath your chin and above your collar bones. With this in mind, apply 1-2 pumps of a facial oil or moisturizer to clean skin and starting at the centre of your face, press your facial roller firmly against your skin – smoothing it outwards towards your lymph nodes. Repeat this action in each area least 3 times per area for best results.

For more information on the benefits of using a facial roller, click here to read more.

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