How to Dreamscape your life

How to Dreamscape your life

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Dreamscaping, similar to visualization, is a form of manifesting your future where you dream out your life while conscious. Not to be confused with daydreaming which is where your mind wanders, dreamscaping involves active engagement in scripting out how you intend the next few days, months or even years. The practice of dreamscaping comes in many forms, including making a vision board, writing out a 5-year plan or even driving in your car but pretending that it’s your dream car. Dreamscaping is entirely personal and can be as expansive or simple as you want.

Dreamscape Vellum Wellness

KUT Radio interviewing neuropsychotherapist Junice Rockman

It’s this form of manifestation that inspired us to create Dreamscape, a 15mL tranquil diffuser blend from Vellum’s sleep collection. Dreamscape is Vellum’s first  sleep blend, a light aroma that works well as part of night time routine. Sleep is at the core of wellness, without enough quality sleep, we’re unable to function properly, and our body and mind inevitably suffer as a result. Dreamscape is a 100% vegan, natural and pure essential oil blend that is made up of natural sleep aid scents including lavender essential oil, ylang ylang essential oil, neroli, myrtle, and orange. Its intoxicating scent is neither too floral, sweet nor strong. Adding just 3-5 drops to a diffuser before bed lulls the mind and soothes stress and tension, setting the stage for calm time to dreamscape before a deep sleep and a night full of dreaming.

Dreamscape comes with every new Carrara or Marquina diffuser purchased. Carrara and Marquina are Vellum’s new marble-print ultrasonic diffusers that effectively atomize water and essential oils for easier absorption and maximized wellness benefits. Dreamscape can also be used on-the-go as a natural sleeping aid and stress reliever wherever you go by inhaling from the bottle or pouring a few drops into the shower. 

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