How to Feel Your Best on Your Birthday

How to Feel Your Best on Your Birthday

Birthdays are always wrapped up in emotions. Sometimes you want to celebrate and sometimes you want to lay low and ponder every decision you've ever made in life. But if you're going to be having a fete to celebrate the day you came into this world, then you're going to want to look like a million bucks on your birthday. Especially if all of your family and friends will be insistent on snapping as many selfies as possible and documenting the entire day’s (or night’s) events on their respective social media accounts in a race to see who can get the most likes. If you are suffering from a breakout, or unflattering attire, chances are you won’t want it displayed for all of the internet to see.

Skin Care is a Must

While many of us may strive to achieve the perfect complexion, the fact is that very few people actually manage to pull it off. Struggles with acne or scars from previous outbreaks, oily or dry skin, and inflammation can all be major issues that many of us face on a day to day basis. And when it comes to celebrations and big events where we know we will be getting our picture taken, the stress and anxiety that accompany our insecurities can actually make them worse.

A simple, consistent skincare routine using natural products can help us feel better about the state of our skin. Try a regime involving Grapeseed Oil applied to the skin, with a few drops of Bergamot diluted for breakouts or Jojoba oil with a few drops of Lavender as an overnight skin treatment. Having hydrated, healthy-looking skin will keep you looking and feeling your best for when the camera phones come out and start clicking.

Find the Perfect Outfit

 No birthday party can be done right without a sleek look to debut in front of your fellow attendees. Whether it is an upscale event where you will be wearing an elegant dress/tux or a more toned down and fun event where comfort and relaxation are more important, take a few days to shop for outfits that fit the atmosphere and the activities. At the end of the day, whatever you wear on your birthday should make you feel comfortable and feel like a winner. For some outfit inspo hit up SSENSE and see what's trendy.

Don’t Skip the Workouts

Black and White Happy Birthday

Whether you are already a beast about hitting the fitness classes, cardio equipment, or weight machines, or even if you may have been slacking lately due to increased work responsibilities or lack of motivation, getting in some exercise time before your birthday bash can do a world of good. Not only does it make us feel good physically and emotionally, it gets us energized and focused so we can party with the rest of our friends and family until nobody can stand any longer! If you're feeling sore, try Eucalyptus essential oil diluted in one pump of Grapeseed oil to cooldown sore muscles.

Get Plenty of Rest (Especially the Night Before)

One final way to guarantee that you look and feel your absolute best on the day of your birthday bash is to make sure that you have been getting the proper amount of rest each night. There are so many things within our internal system that simply do not function correctly when we aren’t getting enough sleep. If you find it difficult to get a good night's sleep, trying using Ylang Ylang either diluted in a base oil like Almond, or by putting a few drops on your pillow. You'll be off to sleep without having to count sheep.

Things like mood and emotional regulation, concentration levels, energy, and literally dozens of other processes are directly influenced by sleep. After all, you don’t want to be dragging yourself through your own party feeling like you just stepped out of The Walking Dead universe, do you? So be sure you get plenty of shuteye. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy birthday to everyone celebrating Virgo season!


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