How to Train Your Brain with the MOOD Diffuser

How to Train Your Brain with the MOOD Diffuser

The Mood Bluetooth Diffuser is a one-of-a-kind diffuser that is designed to engage your senses. Our brains have mood memory – the same way your body has muscle memory. Our brain engages with repetition, once it picks up a pattern, it engages that pattern more frequently. That's how we're able to create good or bad habits.

If we want to create new habits, we just need to keep to a routine, and our brains will begin to make associations and get us to the results we want faster. The Mood Bluetooth diffuser uses scent, sound, and sight to create a wellness routine. If you want to feel relaxed when you come home, diffuse pure essential oils in the diffuser and play your favourite playlist or podcast and dim the ambient lighting to something that suits what you're feeling.

The more you set the mood, the faster your brain will pick up on the feeling of being relaxed - that's MOOD memory. Check out the top 3 ways that the MOOD Bluetooth diffuser engages with your senses.


Aromachology is different from aromatherapy as it focuses on the benefits of essential oils specifically for your mood.  The sense of smell is the strongest sense linked with memory. Just one whiff of a certain aroma can take you all the way back to a time in your life. To harness these powers, choose a mental benefit you'd like to explore and add a few drops into the diffuser and set the clock for up to 6 hours.

Music Therapy 

Ever hear a song you haven't heard in 10 years and still remember all the words? That's the power of music on memory. Access your brain's limbic system and tap into these memories by connecting through Bluetooth (or AUX) and choose the right music to go with the essential oil you've chosen to explore.

Colour Therapy 

This is sensory processing through images. When you see the colour red what do you feel? Is it anger or resentment or roses or one of your favourite garments? Processing mood through colour is a way for us to alter our mood. Different colours mean different things for everybody - we can't even be sure that we all see the same colour and that's why processing your emotions is such a unique process. So, flip through the colours until you find one that matches the oil you're diffusing and what you're listening to. Or, get even more specific and set a custom colour through the app.

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