How to use Chamomile for Skin, Sleep, Energy, Pain and Digestion

How to use Chamomile for Skin, Sleep, Energy, Pain and Digestion

Chamomile was discovered by ancient Egyptians who were on to something when they incorporated this oil into their skincare and health routines. This oil helps us think about our purpose in life and is chock full of benefits for mind and body.

This is a precious oil that is only harvested during a short period each year in England. Chamomile has a sweet, floral aroma perfect for a diffuser, or (diluted) skincare use. A little goes a long way with this rare oil. Vellum's Chamomile oil is steam distilled from flower heads in the United Kingdom.

Check out the different benefits of Chamomile below:



Chamomile is popular in skin care because it's a cicatrizant, meaning it's adept at diminishing the appearance of spots and scars. Diluting a few drops into a base oil and massaging it into affected areas will help fade blemishes over time. This oil also works to disinfect and seal wounds. Chamomile oil speeds up the healing of bruises as it enters your bloodstream through the skin.


Chamomile oil is good for trouble sleeping. Chamomile oil is a sedative that relaxes the body and helps overcome insomnia, restlessness, and poor sleep quality. Chamomile oil relaxes the mind and creates feelings of comfort as you enter a more restful state. To experience these benefits, add a few drops to your diffuser and inhale the floral aroma allowing your mind to wander as you drift off to sleep.


Roman chamomile oil contains apigenina sedative that chills you out as soon as you inhale it. It's a tougher scent compared to lavender but has many of the same calming effects on the mind and body. This oil calms nerves and anxiety and helps with nervous exhaustion. The aroma sends a boost to the olfactory system, creating a scent association with positive energy, helping you break out of any lethargic patterns you've created. Diffusing this calming oil helps reduce blood pressure and helps rid you of feelings of anger and frustration.


Chamomile oil has analgesic properties that help to reduce pain in the body. This makes it an effective tool for lessening the pain of headaches, migraines, joint pain, and arthritisChamomile oil is useful when experiencing flu-like symptoms like fever, cough, and inflamed joints. Dilute chamomile oil in a base oil and self-massage to ease pressure points and muscular pain.


Uses of Chamomile for aiding digestive issues include aiding relief from excess gas and diarrhea. This oil contains compounds like azulene and anodyne that work to calm spasms and relax the intestines. Inhaling chamomile oil increases bile and gastric juices in the stomach which helps move food along, easing indigestion, stomach cramps, and nausea. Dilute chamomile oil in a base oil and massage onto your stomach to feel the effects of chamomile kick in.

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