Setting Goals for 2020

Setting Goals for 2020

2020 Goals to Set

Ah, the freshness of a new decade. It's like opening a crisp, notebook that's never been written in, all the pages are blank for you to fill in. There's so much renewed energy in the New Year. Whether 2019 (or the entire decade) was a good time, or not, it doesn't quite matter because that was then and this is now. This week, which should be dedicated to enjoying the blank space, after the holidays and before the busyness starts back up again, is ruined by one thing: Resolutions.

New years resolutions are the bane of small talk after Christmas. "Have you made resolutions yet?" "Do you believe in resolutions?" There is only uncertainty in an answer as in "not sure" or "a few" or the smug  "I don't need resolutions, I keep them all year long". Resolutions feel like they're temporary like they can be written year, after year, after year with the same results. Making resolutions for the new year feels like jamming everything into 2020 and invokes imagery of constant juicing, intense workouts, spilling alcohol into the sink, throwing out every carb in the house, forced meditation and calling friends "because it was one of my resolutions". All to be back in the same habits by February, thoroughly exhausted from your efforts.

So, how to improve in 2020 without tampering with your mental health? It's all about goal setting, smashing and resetting.

Check out 2020 goals to set below:

1. Always Start Small

Having a final goal is good, but it's about the small steps you take to achieve it. Find the smallest possible step that helps move your goal forward, and complete that. Visualizing your end goal is helpful when your initial motivation begins to wane.

2. Be Realistic

This goes hand in hand with starting small. Understand that your goal will likely take twice as long to achieve as you think and plan accordingly. The #1 New Year's resolution is to lose weight/ get in shape and if your goal is to lose 30 pounds in 3 months - it's disheartening when the results aren't what you wanted. Instead, plan to lose 30 pounds by the end of the year, and focus on the small steps (making healthy choices more often, adding more workouts into each week, sleeping better) and watch the magic happen.

3. Celebrate With Self-Care

Keep track of all of your wins, even the smallest ones (like saying no to a donut, or working out when weren't feeling it) and celebrate yourself for inching closer to your goal. Incorporate self-care into your routine daily. Whether it's diffusing citrus oils in the morning to wake yourself up, or unwinding at night with self-massage as you take care of your skin. When you take the time to process your emotions, you can evaluate your day and congratulate yourself on the great things you accomplished (went for a walk after dinner!) and correct behaviours that don't align with your goal (didn't pack a lunch and ate fast food instead!). Self care is the greatest gift you can give yourself, in 2020 and beyond.


3 drops - Grapefruit (for gratitude)

3 drops - Bergamot (for confidence)

3 drops - Ylang Ylang (for simplicity)


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