From the Georgia Straight: Get your skin high with cannabis-infused Vellum

From the Georgia Straight: Get your skin high with cannabis-infused Vellum

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We wanted to involve as many people in the Vancouver cannabis community as we could while formulating Elevate Hemp Hand Lotion so we could get feedback from people who already use marijuana and hemp products daily. So, we reached out to The Georgia Straight, the only publication in Vancouver who covered weed extensively before anyone else started giving a damn.

The Georgia Straight was one of the first news sources in Canada to put up a cannabis section and dedicate frequent coverage to cannabis, not only about issues around legality but the culture of pot in this city - a city which has cultivated a worldwide reputation for it's cannabis culture.

Amanda Siebert, is the author of the upcoming book The Little Book of Cannabis and the first ever cannabis editor at The Georgia Straight. We chatted with Amanda about how much time we spent on making this luxury product and we were happy to hear she'd been using it non stop. We also chatted about our #betweenthejoints campaign to elevate above stigma.

Check out Amanda's review of Elevate Hemp Hand Lotion below:

Get your skin high with these locally made cannabis-infused wellness products


Article from: The Georgia Straight
Written by: Amanda Siebert

Okay, we're a bit ahead of the curve on this one: samples of this yet-to-be-released hand lotion landed in our mailbox a few weeks ago, and we've been using it non-stop ever since. Formulated with hemp seed oil, Vellum Wellness's Elevate lotion is loaded with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a product that balances oiliness while it nourishes.

Founders Sarah and Christina Kaur formulated the product over the course of one year, working with local manufacturers to create a gender-neutral hemp-based hand cream that keeps you moisturized "between the joints"—a slogan they've adopted that can certainly be applied in more ways than one. This rich yet balanced cream isn't heavy or sticky, and won't leave your hands feeling greasy after application.

Hemp's naturally earthy smell is complimented by mandarin oil for a light scent that won't compete with your perfume or cologne. (Set to launch this summer; sign up to receive your free sample at

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