The best oils for cold and flu season

The best oils for cold and flu season

Check out some natural ways to relieve symptoms

By: Raquel Van Ry

Alas, cold and flu season is upon us. Every year I'm determined not to get sick again, yet every year, inevitably, I find myself stuck in bed, 20% thrilled that I don’t have to work but 80% pissed that I’m too sick to enjoy it. That is, until I turn my sick-time into a little me-time. When I get sick, assuming I’m not passed out or stuck by the toilet, I try to create a mini spa for myself at home. Setting up a diffuser with some soothing essential oils to chase away my negative thoughts, and maybe even making up a hot bath to warm my insides never fails to make me feel better. Whether you’re fighting a cold right now and you’re looking for some instant relief, or you’re a proactive individual looking to prep for the colds to come, here are some great ways that you can use essential oils to make the flu season a little more bearable.


Diffusers are wonderful when it comes to unleashing the powers of essential oils. By dispersing the essential oils into the air, you can easily inhale and absorb their superpowers into your body. When you’re sick, there are various scents that can help you with different needs. Lemon essential oil for example, can help to clear your nasal passage to improve your breathing while simultaneously waking you up and clearing away drowsiness. Tea tree essential oil can be added to a diffuser for extra mucus-fighting benefits. Finally, chamomile essential oil is a great choice if you’re having trouble sleeping as it can help to calm your mind and induce sleep.


Ideally, baths shouldn’t be limited to sick days, but if this is the case for you, then you especially need to make it more enjoyable for yourself, particularly if you’re sick. Bergamot essential oil is a great addition to your bath as its antiviral properties and citrus scent will leave you feeling lighter and ease any stress or anxiety you might be feeling. For more relief, eucalyptus and lavender essential oil are both soothing scents that will help to clear away the fog in your mind. Eucalyptus essential oil reduces fevers and fights viruses while lavender essential oil combats any fatigue or headache that plagues you. 


One of the easiest ways you can treat flu symptoms is through your skin. To do so, you can use a carrier oil like jojoba oil or almond oil to dilute a few drops of peppermint and eucalyptus essential oil. Essential oils are strong so always start with a few drops in a carrier oil and add more as needed. By rubbing the oils over your chest and throat, congestion will be soothed, and it’ll be easier to breathe. You can also relieve headaches by rubbing a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil over your temples. 

Hopefully this flu season won’t pay you a visit, but if it does, try some of the essential oil remedies above and be pleasantly surprised! If you’re interested in learning about other essential oils that you can use to treat your cold, read this article for more information.

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