How to Identify Your Skin Type

How to Identify Your Skin Type

Ah skin, our body’s largest organ, and no less complicated than our appendix.

By: Raquel Van Ry

Some of us are blessed with flawless skin whereas others, like myself, invest countless hours, dollars and energy into our skin in an attempt to fight acne, wrinkles, scars and countless other tedious opponents. The reality is, the type of skin you have is a result of genetics, diet, hormones, stress and so much more, making it exceedingly frustrating at times. But there is a light at the end of this tunnel, a little something I like to call Skin Type Knowledge. If you’re sick of plastering your face with expensive products to no avail, then it’s time to pop a squat (on a chair of course) and read up. There are 4 general skin types that you should be aware of: normal, dry, oily, and combination skin, then everything in between. Once you determine what your skin type is, the better and more effectively you’ll be able to treat it! Here’s a breakdown of how you can identify and treat your particular skin type.

Determine your skin type

There are a few different ways that you can determine your skin type. The first technique is to wash your face with a mild cleanser, then leave your face bare for an hour or so after. Your skin will naturally become dryer in some areas or oily in others. If your skin feels tight, then you’ve got yourself some dry skin. On the other hand, if you notice a shine on your nose and forehead, you’re likely part of the combination skin family. Finally, if your skin is fully oiled up, cheeks and everything, then you have oily skin. 

To streamline this process, you can skip the face washing technique and opt for the blotting sheet method. In this case, you can simply take a blotting sheet and press it over the different sections of your face. Look at the blotting sheet after patting and note the presence of oil or lack thereof to determine what your skin type is. By doing one of these tests, you’ll be better equipped to search for products that suit your particular skin type.  


There are so many ways to treat your skin, but I personally prefer the au naturel route. I find it also tends to be a lot more affordable so if you haven’t tried it, give your cleansers and creams a rest and join me! Depending on whatever ails your skin, there are different oils that you can use to treat it. 

Acne Prone Skin: Our acne kit includes both unscented hempseed oil for the ultimate acne-friendly moisturizer, and patchouli essential oil which kicks your cell-renewal process into overdrive and fights acne and blemishes naturally.  

Sensitive Skin: Hempseed oil is fantastic for sensitive skin as well, so if you’re prone to irritation when trying new products then consider adding hemspeed oil to your skin care routine. For more information on the perks of hempseed oil, give this a read. 

Mature Skin: To really nurture mature skin, jojoba oil and chamomile essential oil are the way to go. Our luxury oil kit includes this dynamic duo which balances oil production, moisturizes and soothes your skin. A lympha facial roller is also include in the kit and you can use it to gently massage and smooth the oils into your skin. 

Dry Skin: The best moisturizing oil for dry skin is almond oil. It’s a thick oil that you can use as a moisturizing cleanser that rids your skin of impurities without stripping away its natural oils. You can also use jojoba as a carrier oil for geranium or grapefruit essential oil. The jojoba oil will not only work to balance your skin’s oil production, but it will also help any added oils to penetrate deep into your skin so they can nurture your dry skin and leave it feeling supple and smooth. If dry skin is something you struggle with, our deluxe skin + hair kit has all of these super-oils.

Combination/Normal Skin: Rather than resenting the combination skin type for its inability to choose a side and forcing us to use more products to treat one face, let’s try to look at it as more of a challenge. If you have this skin type, then products that are good for all skin types should be your target. Grapeseed oil for example, is a light moisturizing oil that won’t clog your pores but rather leave your skin baby-soft without any residue, making it perfect for both an oily T-zone and dry cheeks. Mandarin essential oil is another superstar that pairs well with all skin types, and its fresh scent will leave you looking and feeling great. 

Your skin is your canvas, and there are so many oils that can be used to combat so many different things. Our SMOKE+MiRRORS blog breaks down the benefits of various oils, so give it a looksy to see if there’s something that works for you! For more information on your skin type, here’s a great article. 

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