Gifts for Dad that he needs, but doesn’t know it yet

Gifts for Dad that he needs, but doesn’t know it yet

Father's Day shopping made easy 

By: Raquel Van Ry

The author with her dad, Harry


My dad is the only person I know that’s equally thrilled by a bag of Dutch licorice as he is by a new DeWalt driver. You’d think it would be easy to buy him gifts right? Wrong. Like many men, my father has a very short list of things that he likes, consisting of about three things, but there’s only so many bags of candy and tools he can use (although he’d disagree). So it’s time to get creative and switch up your Father’s Day gift this year. Who knows, maybe his “like list” will grow longer. If the father figure in your life is equally difficult to shop for, then hopefully this gift guide will help you.

Sore Muscle Kit

I swear I’ve just about broken my thumbs massaging my dad’s eternally achy back in the past, and the only reward I’d get is a satisfying crack or a grumble. Something about dad’s backs is always achy. If this is true for your father figure, consider getting them a sore muscle kit. Whether you choose to massage him, or he gives himself a massage, the combo-kill grapeseed oil and eucalyptus essential oil in this kit will penetrate deeply into the muscle tissue and naturally soothe inflammation and pain.

Bergamot Essential Oil

We know society views men as tough and macho, and polices men who express themselves, breeding shame and insecurity in the minds of men around the world. However, men, (like women), feel emotions and need to engage in a little self care sometimes. Enter bergamot essential oil. Bergamot is the oil of confidence, it eases anxiety and boosts your self-esteem one sniff at a time. It can be added to a diffuser or diluted in a base oil like almond oil and applied to the skin for additional benefits. Normalize self care for men, starting with your dad.

Elevate Lotion

The other day my dad gave me his hand to pull me out of our living room sofa that had swallowed me, and I nearly let go when I felt it. It was dry, and cracked, and based on the oil stains beneath his fingernails, appeared to have not seen a good spa day in months. Needless to say, such activities happen to be among my favourite, and I set to remedying the problem he didn’t know he had. Trimming his nails and slathering lotion all over his hands with stern instructions to remain seated until the lotion all absorbed. He failed to follow my instructions, and promptly cleaned the “slime” off his hands. If your dad also refuses to use lotion, then maybe you should consider Elevate lotion. Its scent is subtle and fresh, but most importantly, its light formula quickly absorbs into the skin and doesn’t leave behind any residue. Perfect for a dry-skinned father!


My own father’s wallet is bulging at the seems with various cards he doesn’t use, but it’s trusty and true, and does its job. Or so he likes to believe. In reality, it’s falling apart, and he certainly won’t buy himself a new wallet so I think maybe I should. I did a little digging and came across Popov Leather, a business in Nelson, BC that makes high quality leather wallets and belts among other things. Anything from Popov will make for a great gift that will last for years to come.


Last but certainly not least, coffee. Yes, it’s obvious, but if your dad so much as likes the smell of coffee, then he’d love Mugging Whales Coffee. The provide premium small-batch roasted coffee beans from dark roast to light. Do your dad (and the rest of your family) a favour and get him some coffee to start the day off right.

All of the products listed above are made and sold by small businesses across Canada, and their goodies can be shipped straight to your doorstep. Stay safe indoors and concoct a little online gift-basket for the father figure in your life this year to let them know how much you appreciate all that they do.

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