The Top 3 Benefits of Essential Oils for Men


The 3 Top Benefits of Essential Oils for Men

By: Raquel Van Ry

Essential oils have repeatedly proven to be beneficial in countless ways, whether used on your skin or in a diffuser. Fortunately, more and more people are utilizing the superpowers found in these oils; powers like supreme focus, deep relaxation, and radiant skin. Yet, there’s still a negative stigma that needs to be eradicated once and for all: men too can benefit from essential oils and it won’t make you any less masculine. In fact, they can make you even more attractive! 

1. De-stress


Life can get pretty hectic, we know this. Yes, hunkering down with a beer and some comfort-food can certainly help in the moment, but it doesn’t leave you feeling great once you get off the couch and realize that your stress is still very much present, only now you feel even worse because you’ve consumed about 10,000 calories…we’ve all been there. There are other ways to deal with stress in a much healthier, easier way. Our Mental Essentials oils all help to de-stress the mind, and can be blended together to make yourself feel calm and in control. An oil like Bergamot, provides a dash of confidence and can be added to a carrier oil like Almond oil and used to calm your mind while you give yourself a temple rub. 

2.) Skincare

It’s not a joke, most men are seriously using the same soap for their face, hair and for shaving, Skincare is so important to pay attention to! Essential oils are easy to use and can work wonders on your skin whether you’re fighting acne, dryness, or just want a better complexion overall. If you want to feel good, it’s important to take care of yourself– looking better is just an added benefit! A real one-stop shop is our Deluxe Skin+ Hair Kit which provides all of the tools for a healthy scalp. 

3.) Better sex

Yes, it’s true. Essential oils can seriously improve your sex life. We’ve created an Aphrodisiac Good Sex Kit for this very purpose and no matter how good your sex life may be, it’s always fun to spice things up. Essential oils are a safe and affordable way to do so! Elevate your senses and boost your libido with Ylang Ylang and Patchouli's musky scent.

Using essential oils does not make you any less masculine, if anything it makes you more of a man because you are able to take care of yourself and you’re mindful of your needs. For more information on the endless benefits of essential oils, check out our other blog articles on wellness for men.

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