How to use Bergamot for Energy, Skin, Hair, Appetite and Pain Relief

How to use Bergamot for Energy, Skin, Hair, Appetite and Pain Relief

Benefits of Bergamot essential oil include mental benefits like increased confidence and a happy mood and supplement the body with physical benefits for cold and flu, skin and hair. Vellum's Bergamot oil is steam distilled from the peel of nearly ripe bergamots in Italy.

Check out the different benefits of Bergamot below: 


Bergamot essential oil boosts energy levels and combats fatigue. This is because Bergamot oil contains the active compounds alpha-pinene and limonene which improve circulation throughout the body and send positive signals to the olfactory system. This induces feelings of joy while lessening feelings of anxiety, and helplessness in the mind.


Bergamot oil is an anti-inflammatory and cicatrizant that reduces blemishes, pigmentation and acne scars. This oil is soothing for the skin and antibacterial so a few drops in your face cleanser works well to get your skin tone looking even and your complexion radiant.

Benefits of Bergamot essential oil include it's antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It contains phytochemicals which work to repair skin tissues. This is a great oil to use when treating wounds, scrapes, and cuts so that they heal faster and don't get infected. Bergamot is also a natural insecticide so it both treats insect bites and is an insect repellant.

Bergamot is great for maintaining healthy hair. It targets the scalp and controls oil production in the scalp. Mix a few drops of essential oil into an ample amount of base oil (like Grapeseed) and work it into the hair, focusing on kneading the scalp. The results of a few treatments are less hair loss and an extra sheen in the hair.


Bergamot essential oil is one of the most potent digestive aids in nature. Inhaling Bergamot promotes appetite by stimulating the secretions of enzymes, bile, and digestive acids. This oil also increases motion and movement in the intestines, reducing any strain on your intestines, and quickening digestion. Bergamot helps with constipation and helps ensure regular bowel movements.


Life can feel unbearable when you're sick with the flu. Reach for Bergamot when you're feeling congested or can't stop coughing. Diffusing bergamot helps a host of flu-related symptoms and fight infections with its antimicrobial properties.

Bergamot is particularly good for providing comfort during fever. Relief from fever happens when your body temperature goes down and this oil increases sweat production which helps the body cool down. Bergamot helps blood circulation in the body and produces The stimulating effect of Bergamot oil lowers fever temperature by increasing sweat production. Diffuse this oil to start feeling better or mix a few drops into a base oil and rub into your chest, neck, throat, and temples.

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